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Steve died January 22, 2019, in Indianapolis, the city he called home for his entire life. The cause was cancer.

Steve graduated with honors from Park School (now called Park-Tudor), in Indianapolis, where he was on the football, baseball, basketball, and track teams. At Princeton he majored in economics, served Charter Club as its treasurer, was an Orange Key Guide and Keyceptor, and was a member of the sailing club. He worked for the Student Refreshment Agency and in the dining halls of the graduate school. He roomed with Ted Hoster and Steve Harwood.

After graduation Steve served in the Navy, including service in Vietnam. He retired from the Navy Reserve with 30 years of service and the rank of Captain. He worked extensively on the U.S.S. Indianapolis monument in the city of the same name and received Indiana’s highest civilian award in recognition of that service.

Steve’s professional career included service with L.S. Ayres & Co., Haz/Mat D.Q.E., and A.H.M. Graves Realty, all in Indianapolis.

He is survived by his wife Karen, son Timothy, and sister Sally Davis. The Class extends its heartfelt condolences to them.


Please see Steve's obituary here.

Classmate Memories

The photos at the top are from the Freshman Herald and the Nassau Herald. Steve's wife Karen and son Tim created this video slide show as a tribute to Steve.


Ted Hoster writes of his roommate Steve:


"Steve went to one or two reunions (1 and 2)  when we were in Virginia Beach (USN) but he pretty much decided to ignore PU and 66 thereafter. I never learned why. I was able to get him up to my cabin in the U.P. of Michigan a few years ago, but after 1980 I saw him once.  So Reunions was not his cup of tea.
"My issue is keeping relationships alive while we are still here.


"His story in Vietnam is all too typical. Major contributions to the larger effort at a long term cost to himself.  Today we call it PTSD. WWII called it silence and getting tough. We of the Vietnam era were sandwiched in between knowing that something with no name was desperately wrong.

"Harwood and I will prefer to listen to Willie Nelson singing 'here's to all the girls I have loved before'.


"Below is material gleaned from the archives of the USS Indianapolis CA 35 the last ship to sink in WWII. A lifelong resident of Indianapolis and committed veteran (USN) Steve was at his better self when committed to the 50th anniversary events in 1995 and when he served the Naval Reserve retiring as a Captain (USN). "More useful .... is this that I got from the books and records at the Indianapolis Memorial where Steve's better angels appeared as the project gave him focus and commitment. His lesson for us all is that when one has commitment and focus important results are not far off. Without these we languish.


"Captain Steve Craig - Steve joined the office staff in early June of this year, and has taken over a myriad of detailed tasks which were once shared by Pat and Brian. (Finneran &  Lynch) For the past few weeks he has been working with the banquet people, the convention center people, the hotel people and the news media.


"Steve is a Vietnam veteran having served as Operations Officer of River Assault Division 151 operating in the Mekong Delta from 1968 into 1969. Presently he is the Commanding Officer of CincLantFlt Det So located in Battle Creek, Michigan, with a mobilization site of Panama City, Panama. For the Reunion and dedication he will coordinate the work of volunteers, and will assist in the execution of the military presence and ceremonies at the site for the dedication."


Bob Heinze adds in response to Ted's memories:


"Thanks Ted and to Steve’s family for sharing with us.  This finally fast forwards me, through our years of progression in age, from a mental image of a 21-22  year-old guy that I last recall seeing our senior year.  I cannot recall if I saw Steve at any of the 5 year reunions that I attended, or if he was there, although I was absent for our 10th, 15th, 20th, and 40th.


"I did not read your email carefully before opening the video, and I thought to myself that has got to be Ted as best man, but is it really? I am glad that you did full disclosure.


"I well recall us sitting on the back steps of Charter after our 50th reunion P-rade and sharing about what we knew about those of us who were not present at the 50th.  I recall you vowing to do something and you actually followed up."


Ed Leamer writes:


"He pretty much decided to ignore PU and 66 thereafter." Rang a bell for me because I did more-or-less the same thing.  I joined the tribe of economists and pretty much disconnected from PU Class of '66, though I did attend and much enjoyed our 50th.  But seeing on the lists of email recipients names that bring back many many fond memories I realize I made a mistake.   If you are in or passing through LA, and want to reconnect, I am ready.  Tennis, golf, museums , food, a tour of UCLA, oceans, mountains, earthquakes, mudslides and interesting conversations are offered, as required."


From David Stitzer:


"I can remember all the good times too.  I attended all but a few of our reunions. The video brought back how we all think of him. I had to take another look at 50th picture at Charter. We are a great group and need to stay together. Thanks Ted for taking the lead.

Additional Photos

All photos after the first are from Steve's high school yearbook. He's fourth from the left in the front row of the student council photo and second from the left in the team photo. This video slide show covers Steve's entire life.