John B. Mitchell, Jr. (1943-2018)


PAW Memorial

John died December 14, 2018, in Saint Louis, after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.

John came to Princeton from Saint Louis Country Day School, where he was an outstanding athlete. At Princeton he majored in politics, was a member of Ivy Club, played football and track as a freshman, and belonged to the rugby club.

After Princeton John returned to St. Louis to earn a law degree from Washington University. He practiced law for the rest of his career, concentrating primarily in commercial real estate. He excelled at athletics, loved music and reading, and was devoted to his family.

A highly spiritual person, John practiced meditation on a daily basis and credited the practice with providing strength in the final chapter of his life.

John is survived by his devoted wife of twenty-two years, Joelle; son John III; daughter Mariah; stepchildren Abraham and Zoey Nicholson; and sister Nichola Gillis. The Class extends heartfelt condolences to them.

Additional Memories

John's son Johnny replied after seeing the draft memorial page, "Thank you so much for this!  There’s much I can share with you but foremost was the pride Dad had having attended Princeton.  He cherished many memories from his time there and would frequently share them as I grew up."


Lewis Rutherford sent this memory of John.

A few words in honor of John Mitchell: I knew him from freshman football......John was obviously a gifted athlete with great success in high school. but making waves at Princeton was another matter for all the high school stars. John's success was on defense and it was how he managed to be useful. Later on in club athletics, John was very successful in basketball, and he stayed with football all the way through doing JV football with his special friend Peter Longstreth.


John had a great sense of humor and was proud of his club activities and staying with football all 4 years. I didn't stay in touch but his laugh and humor are well-remembered. I would be happy for his family to know he was memorable even to those who like me never knew him well. Please pass these thoughts on if possible.


The photos above are from the Freshman Herald and the Nassau Herald. The slides below show John throughout his life. You may need to refresh the screen to start the slide show. There is a 5 second delay, but you can pause the show by placing the cursor over the photo.