David died July 30, 2016, in San Diego, his home of many years, as a result of cancer.

David came to Princeton from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High in Maryland, where he was class treasurer and played soccer. At Princeton he enrolled in the European Civilization Program in the History Department, belonged to Elm Club, served as an Orange Key Guide, and worked with Theatre Intime. His roommates included Tim Smith, Andy Zimmerman, Gary Mount, Gib Hentschke, David Williams, John Hamilton, and Glenn Goltz.

In lieu of the standard essay for our Fiftieth Reunion Book, David contributed a long poem outlining his life and career—in rhyme. That career included script-writing for the movies (grade B but R-rated, he reported), writing and producing for television, then law school (California Western ’82) and a career in property law.

Long retired, David enjoyed travel, guitar-playing, and model ship-building. This spring he joined Glenn Goltz, Dennis Russell, and Tim Scott in one of our Flix ’66 videos, and he enthusiastically participated in our Fiftieth Reunion.

Never married, David is survived by a brother, Stephen, to whom the Class extends its condolences. 

Here is David's FLIX '66 video. David is on the right. Below, David is proudly wearing his 50th reunion blazer last June.
Visit #44: Glenn Goltz, David Kidd, Dennis Russell, Tom Scott '66: San Diego, California: So much education and not enough sense to come in out of the rain, so don't rain on their P-rade!